The Builder

The builder of the models is Richard H. Edwards, one of the Wright Flyer Project volunteers. He graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, in 1954. Following graduation he served as base flight aircraft maintenance officer (1955-1956) at the Misawa U.S. Air force Base in Japan.

For 42 years Mr. Edwards was a Flight Test Engineer, first at the Douglas Aircraft Company and then with the FAA. During that period, he flew as test engineer on the first flights of many aircraft, and participated in many world record flights, notably the only supersonic flight (M=1.01) of a commercial jet transport (a Canadian Airline DC-8).

He was unable to finish building a model aircraft until he was ten years old. During his high school years, he continued to build, concentrating upon flying U-control gasoline–engine powered craft. Upon retirement from the FAA in 1998, he began building this collection of small display models at the rate of one per week.

Dick’s last fifteen years have been relatively quiet at home, and his model production rate remains at one per week, as of August 2012.